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Sep 20, 2023

Today I’m joined by Lisa of the beautiful platform the Bare Female, whose work is rooted in Yoga, somatics and feminine embodiment. I am a massive fan of her membership and her Yoga work in general, so you can image how excited I am to share this episode with you! 

In this episode, Lisa & I talk about:

1. What feminine embodiment & sensual Yoga actually mean - and how simple that gets to be (!)
2. What it's like building a business and brand around something that can be a little 'out there' 
3. The importance of returning to your inner knowing - and how Lisa has done that throughout her own life 

It's continues to blow my mind (even though it's happened a fair few times on this pod and within our community already!) that so many of us walk such a similar, inspiring path of life - and that we can be very no-BS about our spirituality & empowerment. I hope you can appreciate that from our conversation too! 

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