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Sep 13, 2023

What does wildness mean to you? Can you create a personal definition without being influenced by external sources? It's hard isn't it? This episode is an invitation to explore what the empowerment process of embodying your inner Spiritual Feminist (your intuition, your Wild Woman, your spark...) may feel & look like for you personally. 

In this episode, I chat about: 
1. The workshop inside Goodbye Good Girl that I share with you for FREE (!) - check it out here
2. What my own inner Good Girl + Spiritual Feminist need to hear and receive right now, based off of three journaling questions from the GGG workbook 
3. How I am embodying my Spiritual Feminist in this season of my life (lot's of joy, creativity and lightness!). 

~ The doors to Goodbye Good Girl are NOW OPEN! It would be an honour to welcome you inside this life-changing group programme. Check out all the details here - you can sign up until the 24th and receive an early bird discount until the 17th! 

~ Let’s hang out on Instagram (@thespiritualfem), send me an email with your thoughts ( and click around on the website for all the current offerings

~ The Spiritual Feminist is an online platform and a welcoming space for women who’d like to dive deeper into spirituality and female empowerment. This podcast is about exploring a deeper connection within ourselves and with everything around us.

~ Nothing is missing, you are already whole. Everything you need, you already carry within you.